Travel Module Altiplano

Wide sandy beaches, gigantic volcanoes and Andean fauna – experience the breathtaking Altiplano of Chile and the beautiful coastal cities of Iquique and Arica.


Your trip to the great north of Chile begins in Iquique. This pleasant desert city presents itself with fantastic beaches and a colonial architecture rich in history. In the following four days you travel to the spectacular Altiplano of the Chilean Andes as part of a private guided tour. You visit the abandoned mining town of Humberstone and geoglyphs from another time. In the Lauca and Isluga National Parks you admire volcanoes over 6.000 meters high, colorful lagoons and the wild fauna of the Andean highlands with their llamas, vicuñas and alpacas. Bathe in hot, natural springs and go for short hikes in the Andean lake district. Explore deserted Andean villages, learn about the unvarnished everyday life of the region's inhabitants and get to know the background of local, traditional cattle farming. Your tour ends with a stay in the attractive coastal city of Arica, the northernmost point of Chile.


Wide sandy beaches along the Pacific coast

Lagoons of the Andes and gigantic volcanoes

Atacama wildlife with llamas, vicuñas and alpacas




  • 2 nights in Iquique (1) and Arica (1) in standard, comfort or premium accommodation
  • Private-guided 4-day tour across the Altiplano and through the Atacama Desert with overnight stay in simple mountain huts, transport and meals (with exceptions)
  • Transfer Iquique Airport – Iquique accommodation (private)
  • Transfer Arica accommodation – Arica Airport (private)


  • Arrival and departure
  • Entrance fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Short rides
  • Meals (partly with exceptions)


  • Organization of arrival and departure
  • Reduction or extension of your stay
  • Alternative private 7-day tour from Arica to Iquique
  • Additional half and full day tours – for example: bicycle tour on sand dunes near Iquique; city tour Arica
  • Combination with other travel modules


Please consider that the visit of the listed places can be physically demanding due to the altitude and requires intact health.

Our price

From 1.003,00 € per person for 6 days / 5 nights

Solidarity tourism

Chile Central promotes sustainable and solidarity tourism. By booking your trip, you support CO₂ offset as well as a social project for disadvantaged children in Santiago.

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