Travel Module La Serena

Pisco culture, maritime fauna and views of the starry sky – experience the harmony of the region around La Serena.


La Serena is the next stop on your journey. Sightsee old churches and green parks of Chile's second-oldest city. Visit ancient churches and verdant parks of the town, and walk the beachfront to get to the bottom of the "Andalusian charm" that La Serena is renowned for. Explore the Valle del Elqui, which looks like a blooming oasis in the arid surroundings. Framed by vast hills and vineyards of the Precordillera, tranquil villages such as Vicuña and Pisco Elqui show you the lovely character of the valley with their rural aura, their small alleys and their handicrafts. At a local distillery, you gain a special point of view on how the national drink Pisco is made and generates identity. You get in touch with the maritime inhabitants of the Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve. A fishing boat takes you to the islands in front of Punta de Choros, where agile Humboldt Penguins trot on the rocks. Occasionally, even dolphins and whales keep you company. On neighboring Isla Damas, the bright and clear water crashes onto the white beach along the cactus-covered shore. And you can turn your attention to the fascinating world of stars, which can be studied from here, in the Little North of Chile, as in hardly any other place on earth.
La Serena


Picturesque Elqui Valley

Penguins and dolphins at Isla Damas

Fascinating starry sky



  • 3 nights in La Serena in standard, comfort or premium accommodation with breakfast
  • Transfer La Serena Airport – La Serena accommodation (private)
  • Transfer La Serena accommodation – La Serena Airport (private)
  • Tour Valle del Elqui (shared)
  • Tour Isla Damas (shared)


  • Arrival and departure
  • Entrance fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Short rides
  • Meals not mentioned


  • Organization of arrival and departure
  • Reduction or extension of your stay
  • Additional half and full day tours – for example: visit of the Mamalluca Observatory
  • Rental car
  • Combination with other travel modules

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