Travel Module Rapa Nui / Easter Island

Glorios beaches, extinct volcanoes and unique Moai statues – experience the fabulous island scenery of Rapa Nui.


Your destination between the continents of South America and Australia could hardly be more outlying. And perhaps you have never been so far from home. More than 3.500 kilometers west of the Chilean mainland, the legendary Easter Island rises out of the sea. Enigmatic ceremonial sites with proud Moai stone figures, volcanic relics and the dreamlike coastline create a mystique that you fully indulge in on Rapa Nui, as it is called by the indigenous natives. Analyze in detail the Moai colossi with their oversized heads, wide nostrils, long ears and pressed lips. The paradise beach bay of Anakena with white sand and coconut palms casts a spell over you. Stare in disbelief from the flank of the extinct Volcano Rano Kau into its sheer gigantic crater. Historic house fragments, dwelling caves and earth ovens bring you back to ancient times. Recharge your batteries on the rocky coast beneath the open sky and submit to the relaxed pace of the island. And ponder how sacrificial, uncertain and at the same time spiritual life once was on the piece of volcanic earth beneath your feet. As the navel of the world, Rapa Nui is sometimes mythologically praised disconnected from everything and yet at the center of this planet.
Rapa Nui / Osterinsel


White sand of Anakena Bay

Enigmatic Moai colossi

Gigantic volcanic craters



  • 5 nights on Rapa Nui in standard, comfort or premium accommodation with breakfast
  • Transfer Rapa Nui Airport – Rapa Nui accommodation (private)
  • Transfer Rapa Nui accommodation – Rapa Nui Airport (private)
  • Tour Highlights of Easter Island (shared)
  • Tour Orongo and surroundings (shared)
  • Tour Akivi site (shared)


  • Arrival and departure
  • Entrance fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Short rides
  • Meals not mentioned


  • Organization of arrival and departure
  • Reduction or extension of your stay
  • Additional half and full day tours – for example: horseback ride; boat trip in the bays of Rapa Nui; dinner with indigenous presentation
  • Rental car
  • Combination with other travel modules

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From 739,00 € per person for 6 days / 5 nights

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