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Christian F.

From Austria

We were very satisfied with the tour.

We especially appreciated...

... that it could be realized despite the short-term,

... the friendliness and openness,

... the expertise,

... the individual support and processing.

Therefore, on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 6 (very bad) we rate the service with 1!

Natalia & Adrián G.

From Spain

Chile Central acted serous, efficient, responsible and flexible in dealing with our opportunities and interests. This allowed us to experience the most surprising journey we have ever undertaken so far. Thank you for helping us make a dream an incredible memory. We will return the following year to get to know the extreme south of Chile, and in any case we will once again confide in you. Bye for now.

Detlef K. & Petra M.

From Germany

Everything perfect! The communication can not be better and everything worked out great.


Beate & Gerhard S.

From Germany

We can only give very good grades in all areas of your work. The holiday was as we imagined until the end. We were a bit uncertain in advance. But already in Valparaíso the warmth of Anna in the Yellow House made us very optimistic. Santiago is also a great city, at least the places we could see in 2 days. From the Happy House Hostel the center is easily accessible by foot. The service is unfortunately not as good as the location. That the shower in the camper did not work, was a pity, but did not diminish the joy of this trip. Apart from that, the camper was fine and the pickup was great.


We were traveling between Vallenar in the north and Talca in the south including several side valleys. Unfortunately, the time for hiking was too short, but we were not too sad about it.


We would repeat such a journey at any time and of course book with you. Let's see what the future will bring.

Jürgen P. & Wiebke A.

From Germany

Altogether, we are very satisfied with our Chile-Tour you have arranged and we will definitely recommend you.

Bernhard & Barbara D.

From Austria

The holiday was great and fulfilled our expectations, the only handicap was the language barrier we had really underestimated ;-). Also the concert was fantastic! The cabins at Laguna Verde were really gorgeous and an insider tip. Only the access was really difficult or it should be advised that a 4x4 is recommendable. The kayak trip was great as well and perfect with English speaking guides! Also the riding trip was very nice, great organizer, very pleasant.


I just can rate Chile Central as excellent, the communication was great, we got very fast feedback! Also getting the concert tickets was a challenge and it was super organized! Everything was perfect.

Jens W.

From Switzerland

All information was correct and the bookings worked well. The mail service was friendly and the selection of hotels corresponded to my expectations. Mails were answered fast and competently. I liked the accommodation very much - here the description and reality were fitting very well.

Nico H.

From Germany

What struck me most in the region of Valparaíso and Santiago was the atmosphere of the cities. There was a wide range of things to do. Also, I can definitely recommend the local cuisine. I especially enjoyed the natural beauty of the landscape in the north of the two cities. At no time did I feel the risk of being in danger or getting robbed in this region.

Chile Central offered me a well-structured and preselected range of suitable accommodations. So  I didn't have to make the effort to sort out the substandard accommodations on bigger online platforms. Everything went easily and quickly. When some parts of the booking had to be rearranged, I received an answer with alternative solutions immediately.

On a scale of 1 (excellent) to 6 (very bad) I give Chile Central a 2+ as I still see potential in a wider range of accommodations. In addition, I think that further places in this region could be included. Regarding the arrangements, reliability, friendliness as well as the structure and usability of the online platform, I give Chile Central a 1.

I definitely recommend Chile Central and already did so in my hotel in Santiago. My next journey to this region will definitely be arranged with the help of Chile Central again.

Anne K. & Philipp F.


For me Valparaíso with its vibrant atmosphere was one of the highlights of central Chile. Here you can admire the colorful houses and the beautiful ocean view while taking relaxing strolls through the alleys! Our insider tip: when you need to take a break from the bustle of the city, go and discover small, remote coastal villages (such as Reñaca and Quintay) and their beaches. The natural landscape in the national parks is impressive! Santiago, on the other hand, with its size and crowds of people made us feel exhausted. There you also have to take good care of your personal things in the crowds. While this does reduce the travel experience somewhat, it also makes Valparaíso and the other cities even more attractive!

We were very satisfied with the work of Chile Central. Their individual support was a huge plus. Moritz and Fernanda Gómez were reliable, well-informed contact persons who provided us with useful insider tips and individual services and were always quick to reply.

On a scale of 1 (excellent) to 6 (very bad) I give Chile Central a 1! I would recommend Chile Central 100 % to anyone planning to visit this beautiful country.

Niels & Katharina H.


We enjoyed our trip to Valparaíso and Santiago to the fullest. The connection of nature and culture in particular left us immensely impressed and made our days in Chile unforgettable. The vibrancy of the colorful city of Valparaíso is connected to the silence of the majestic and seemingly endless Pacific. And you can also observe the opposite when you're in one of the quiet and hidden spots of the coast while mighty waves crash on the rocks.

It feels like landing on another planet when you step into an oasis of calm in the dunes of Concón from amidst the bustle of Viña. Our trip to the mountains close to the metropolis of Santiago, which was highly recommended to us, was even more of a contrast. The view of the city on one side and the Andes on the other side, as well as spending a night up there, range among the highlights of our trip.
These and so many other experiences wouldn't have been possible without the support of Fernanda and Moritz. They always considered our wishes when planning our days and were able to help us tremendously thanks to their detailed and solid knowledge about tourist destinations, insider tips and cultural institutions as well as transport. What impressed us most was the fact that both Fernanda and Moritz always seemed to be on the lookout for new, undiscovered places in rural or urban areas, from which their clients greatly benefit.

Thanks to Fernanda and Moritz we spent two unforgettable, authentic and impressive weeks in central Chile, and we can recommend the two as travel agents without any reservations.

Katrin S.


Fernanda and Moritz of Chile Central have made it possible for me to get in touch with life in central Chile and experience the culture and traditions of the people here. They are an international/intercultural couple, well-acquainted with their region due to their local knowledge and language skills on the one hand, while conveying their passion for Chile and life there with so much joy and conviction that you can't help but feel comfortable. The organization of the journey was very good, starting with the friendly and helpful contact (booking, advice, help with questions of all sorts...), through to the transfer from the airport in Santiago, tips and assistance regarding lodging, destinations, etc., as well as the return trip to Germany. Thanks to the two of them, I was able to arrange my journey exactly the way I wanted to and experience the diverse, beautiful and multifaceted nature of central Chile – the capital city of Santiago with its various neighborhoods; the colorful artists' town of Valparaíso on the rough Pacific; the peacefulness and amazing nature in Laguna Verde while I was hiking, walking and relaxing; the great beaches in Concón and Viña del Mar; the difference between urban and rural life in central Chile.

In conclusion I can only say that I absolutely recommend Chile Central! Moritz and Fernanda have given me the opportunity of an unforgettable stay in central Chile where I got to know the country, the people and their culture!


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