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Discover the spectacular facets of the country with Chile Central. Here you can find out what we provide, what makes us special and what is important to us.

About us

We are a binational team with a Chilean and German background and run the online tour operator Chile Central since 2015. Our specialization is the organization of round trips throughout Chile and neighboring regions. We create tailor-made travel packages and combine travel services of your choice. We build on our extensive knowledge regarding local conditions, our multilingualism and personal travel experience.

Our Team

Moritz Gómez – Co-Management and Customer Service

Moritz Gómez

For the first time Chile cast a spell over the native German during a voluntary service in Santiago in 2004. And he found his familiar happiness here. Thus, Valparaíso became the center of his life between 2015 and 2021. Here, Moritz is impressed by the magnificent panoramas from the colorful hills of the port city to the sea and the snow-covered mountains on the horizon. Apart from his former home, he is deeply touched by Cerro Provincia near Santiago and the harmony of the rustic Huerquehue National Park near Pucón. Moritz is Co-Managing Director of Chile Central and attends to clients in his function as Destination Expert from Leipzig. With his previous professional experience in the social sector, sustainable and solidarity-based tourism is extremely important to him.

Fernanda Gómez – Co-Management and Travel Organization

Fernanda Gómez

When Fernanda moved from Chile to Germany at the age of 26 for the first time, she realized how unique it is to welcome the gigantic Andes on her own doorstep. After numerous years in Münster and Valparaíso, Leipzig is the new home of the graduated social worker. Her ideal place for a time-out are the high dunes of Concón, which stand out like a desert landscape amid the surrounding urbanity. And the favorite destination of Fernanda is the beautiful Maule River, where the historic Buscarril train route runs to the Pacific Ocean. Fernanda is Co-Managing Director of Chile Central. In her role as Travel Organizer, she works with regional partners to ensure that our customers feel at home in terms of safety and comfort – or even better.

Natalia Gómez – Travel Organization and Partner Contact

Natalia Gómez

Natalia comes from Santiago and currently lives in Madrid, from where she carries out her meticulous work as Travel Organizer of Chile Central. In cooperation with our local and sustainably oriented partners, she brings our clients closer to the incredible geography of Chile, which is as diverse as extreme. On her frequent visits to Chile, she is constantly overwhelmed by the charm of the colonial and artistic districts of the capital surrounded by the imposing Cordillera. For Natalia, the Atacama Region with its immeasurable salt lakes at dizzying heights, the hot geysers at the touching dawn and the unreal colors of the desert stand for themselves. Her commitment results from the deep desire to give our guests an authentic impression of the spectacular end of the world.

Our Story

We have always been particularly captivated by the central region of the country, which was also our home for many years. Sandy beaches and steep cliffs, romantic fishing villages and hilly vine fields, charismatic cities and snowy peaks and volcanoes of the Andes – central Chile bundles the breathtaking range of the country. From this boundless fascination for the central region sprang the passion for our travel service – and the name of our travel agency, Chile Central.

Our Values

We are travel experts for Chile and convey our travel services according to demanding criteria. Together with dependable cooperation partners and international networks, we stand for a reliable agency that distinguishes itself due to its individuality and authenticity, quality and sustainability at a fair price. Environmentally friendly and solidarity tourism is particularly important to us. By booking a trip, our clients support CO₂ offset and social projects.

Our Offer

We are convinced that our wide and high-quality repertoire of travel services gives our guests a wonderful vacation time surrounded by a spectacular scenery.

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Chile moves us with its unique nature and its welcoming culture. Dive into this fascinating country. We are pleased to help you in all matters regarding your individual journey through Chile.

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