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The use and content of this website conform to the terms and conditions as well as to the existing legislation of the Republic of Chile. All bookings, contracts and transactions – initiated in written form, orally, by phone or online between the customer of Chile Central ("customer"), the travel agency Chile Central ("travel agency") and the touristic service provider ("provider") on accommodation, transportation, tours or any other services, are subject to the following terms of conditions effective in law.



1. Information on the travel agency


Chile Central is a touristic organization dedicated to the mediation and organization of touristic services, represented to all legal effects by Mrs. Carolin Fernanda Gómez Albornoz, Identification Card Number 13.885.948-7 (Chilean C.I.) and Mr. Moritz Gómez Albornoz, Identification Card Number 21.722.973-1 (Chilean C.I.), both located in Valparaíso, Chile.



2. Customer rights


The customer holds all rights regulated in the Chilean consumer protection law, in particular law N°19.496 and in the relevant regulations just as the presented terms and conditions. According to law N°19.628, the customer holds the rights regarding his personal data, including correction and deletion, at any given time. The information, reformation and cancellation rights of personal data remain to the customer at any moment according to the law N°19.496. Visiting the website does not entail any obligations for the customer, unless the customer explicitly books the services offered by the travel agency and accepts the respective terms and conditions.



3. Provided services


The travel agency offers individual travel services (“individual services”) which include all complementary services aiming to meet the individual needs of the customer, such as: accommodation, flights, transfer, renting a car or camper, thematic tours, Spanish classes, organization of touristic tours, etc. Those services are subject to the added value tax according to the Chilean legislation.



4. Process


Thorough information regarding the booking procedure of travel services is provided by the travel agency. To process the booking request, personal data will need to be entered, such as, name, surname, e-mail address, place of residence, phone number, kind of service, number of people, arrival and departure dates, as well as further required information. A successful submission of the request will be followed by a respective verification notification. After receiving the booking request, the travel agency will contact the corresponding touristic service provider to check the availability. The customer will then be informed about the terms of booking and payment. By paying the deposit, the customer automatically accepts the terms and conditions of the travel agency and undertakes to an obligatory booking. After that, the customer receives a booking confirmation including a summary of relevant booking details. A few weeks before the execution of the service, the customer will be sent the final travel plan, summarizing the relevant information, such as addresses, contact details, schedules, etc., as well as the required vouchers by the corresponding providers. The customer is obligated to inform the travel agency about any incorrect booking details immediately via e-mail to: contact@chile-central.com.



5. Payment method


All payments regarding travel agencies’ services need to be transferred to the following bank accounts or by debit, credit card or PayPal to the following PayPal account:  



Payments in €:


Institute: TransferWise Europe SA
Bank account holder: Chile Central
IBAN: BE87 9670 1704 6094


Payments in CLP:


Name of the Bank: Scotiabank
Type of account: Cuenta Corriente
Bank account holder: Carolin Fernanda Gomez Albornoz
Account Number: 975723812
C.I. Number: 13.885.948-7
E-mail: contact@chile-central.com


International payments:


PayPal holder account: Moritz Gomez

Organization name: Chile Central



6. Consent and booking confirmation


The booking process involves a booking request by the customer, a fixed deposit payment as well as the confirmation of the service provider. The finalization of the reservation demands the checking of customer’s data and the confirmation by the travel agency. Thus, the travel agency checks the following details: 


a) The service availability required at the indicated date

b) The customer’s deposit pay entry

c) The validity of the customer’s details


The customer will be informed about an effective booking via a written confirmation by the travel agency, which will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address. The payment of the required deposit constitutes both parties’ consent regarding all details of the booking process.



7. Liability, exclusion of liability and limitation of liability of the travel agency


The travel agencies’ liability is confined exclusively to the mediation and organization of touristic services between the customers and the touristic service providers. The liability especially concerns the infringement of contractual primary duties, deliberate actions and gross negligence caused by the travel agency. The travel agency will not assume any liability for the following issues:


a) It is the customer’s responsibility to conform to the immigration rules and regulations. This includes the knowledge and compliance of all legal terms, especially the domestic and foreign travel regulations, health regulations, customs and exchange control regulations as well as visa- and passport requirements. The customer must provide all the needed documents and/or permission to enter the destination. Chile Central assumes no liability for any provided information on this matter since regulations may be changed by authorities meanwhile. Chile Central advises its customer to inform himself/herself and safeguard against all potential violations of regulations with the relevant authorities, embassies and/or consulates. Chile Central does not assume any liability in the case of the customer being unable to travel due to violations of any of these requirements.


b) The customer bears the sole responsibility for not being able to receive the requested service due to his/her health condition. The travel agency assumes no liability in the event of damage.


c) The customer bears the sole responsibility to inform himself/ herself regarding all legal terms of travelling with minors to and around the destination. The customer absolves the travel agency Chile Central of the liability in case of violations of the legal terms regarding traveling with minors.


d) The customer is responsible for checking the accuracy and completeness of all travel documents issued by Chile Central. Major mistakes must be reported within 7 days after receiving the travel documents.


e) Chile Central assumes no liability for circumstances of no fault of one’s own that were due to unpredictable events or force majeure.


f) Chile Central assumes no liability for missed flights, bus connections or other transportation services. The customer bears the sole responsibility for these issues. In case of overbooking, technical or similar causes leading to flight cancellations or other transportation problems, a refund request must be directed to the service provider. The same applies for any other touristic services.


g) Chile Central assumes no liability for loss of luggage on an air, ground and sea transportation or during commercial or private accommodation stays. The customer bears the sole responsibility. Additionally, Chile Central does not assume any liability for any excess luggage charges of any type of transportation service and is not responsible either for the loss of luggage in commercial or private accommodation during the stay.


h) Chile Central assumes no liability if the service provider does not fulfil the service and does not take responsibility for damage to persons or events that may occur due to that service. 



8. Insurance


The travel agency Chile Central recommends taking out a travel protection package or travel cancellation insurance. The decision of the type of insurance is strictly concern of the customer.



9. Changes in booking and cancellation


Chile Central reserves the right to make any changes in booked services, if necessary. Naturally, all changes will be made in the customer’s interest. In the unlikely event of changes, the travel agency will inform the customer about any changes in advance. If, for any reasons, the travel agency is unable to reach the customer, they will be made without the agreement of the customer in order to ensure a smooth traveling process. The customer will be informed about all changes in booking via e-mail.
The customer does not have the right to claim any subsequent changes in booking, such as change of travel date, number of people, destination, accommodation or way of transports.
The cancellation conditions of the booked services will be established in every particular case, considering the respective terms of conditions of the service provider. These conditions differ according to the type of service and will be disclosed to the customer before final booking.


10. Refund of nonattendance services


The travel agency does not refund any services not utilized by the costumer. This applies especially to cancellations due to nonattendance ("no show"). In this case, the total fee will be charged.



11. Cancellation right


All booked services by Chile Central are excluded from the cancellation right according to law 19.496, Art. 3, paragraph b (Consumer protection law).



12. Complaint


Complaints related to the touristic services have to be filed with corresponding documentation by e-mail, to contact@chile-central.com. All claims involving potential refund issues need to be filed no longer than 30 days after having received the respective service. The travel agency will not accept any complaints after 30 days. 



13. Use of personal data on the website


The travel agency will not disclose any personal data of the customer on its website. All information will be treated confidential, conformable to the law, will be used only to process the booking request and will exclusively be passed on to the service providers.



14. Other websites


The travel agency does not assume any liability for the content of other websites that are connected with the agencies’ website via links, banners or in any other way.



15. Place of jurisdiction


The place of jurisdiction for any legal dispute related to the service provided by the travel agency will be submitted to and solved by the General Court of Valparaiso, Republic of Chile. The legal relations between the parties are ruled by Chilean legislation.



16. Travel agency data


Name: Chile Central
Legal Representative: Carolin Fernanda Gomez Albornoz
C.I. N° 13.885.948-7
Substitute Representative: Moritz Gomez Albornoz
C.I. N° 21.722.973-1
E-mail: contact@chile-central.com
Phone Number: +569 45153941
Address: 270 A, 21 de Mayo, Cerro Artillería, Valparaíso, Chile


17. Terms and Conditions validity


The present terms and conditions apply from 20.01.2020.

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